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Youtube New Policy "Limited or no ads" - No Monetization for Gaming Videos

Youtube's new Policy:

This morning when I checked my video manager I realized this yellow Dollar Sign on my videos. Now, if the video is monetized the icon should be Green Dollar Sign. But this was yellow Something like this:

Well it's quite unfortunate indeed. But as we all know there're tons of youtubers who're getting paid for playing these FPS (First Person Shooter) Games and make videos. But according to this new Policy of Youtube's. All the videos containing Guns, Blood and Shooting is quite not good for most of the Advertisers.

It gives a error like this :

How to Fix?:

To be frank, I don't think it can be fixed. Al though you can try using some sort of image in the background and play the game in mini-screen which isn't really enjoyable but that's all there is to it.


If you're found monetizing these kind of videos by using any trick there aren't chances of you getting banned but there're minor chances that you're going against the Youtube Policy which can later result it Termination or worse. 

What should you do?:

The most easy fix to this issue would be to play RPG games with less violent style or profanity. Play games like Minecraft or similar which doesn't contain anything bad. Like Racing Games, RPGs and Adventure games. 

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