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The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 - Review

(Spoiler Free)

Season 4:

Before even the official release, we all know how hyped we were. The original date for Episode 1 was 17th October but later shortened to 10th October. 

Episode 1:

Even before the release of Episode 1 of The Flash, we all saw what's coming in the trailer. But guess what it wasn't what we really expected. 

Frankly I don't want to spoil your fun but just think about it. A person has been held in a prison in some unknown space for 6 months. And as well know that Time in Speed Force is different from the time in real world. So assuming 6 months equals to probably thousand years. And what they did? fix the problem of thousand of years in prison white a 45 mins of episode. What we really wanted was the "badassness" the thing we've been waiting for. But eh... let's just move on with the story.

After seeing those flashing eyes in the Trailer we all had this thought of "flash going berserk" but after watching the episode 1 we were like Meh... Not the "going berserk" thing we expected. But in the end it actually worked out. 

It was clear even before the release that barry will come back. Trailer says it all. Although it's epic, to see our hero in all new form and not to mention the new Costume! Well it's not like the one from Justices League but oh well. A change is always welcome. 

If you're still reading this, then you must be a die-hard flash fan. Now go on and watch it!  

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