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iOS 11.0.2, What's new?

IOS 11:

iOS 11 is by far one of the best iOS releases after ios 10 of course. Well have this general idea that every iOS release comes at a cost. But we upgrade it anyway, knowing what's coming. 

iOS has bought new features indeed. And lot more. Including new design, new icons, new store and tons of hidden features. 

iOS 11.0.1:

The most common issue that was seen in iOS 11 was the battery. Yeah, it was really bad. But, Apple finally fixed it with the new 11.0.1 version which is good because most people are worried only for battery timings. Everything was working fine until ...

iOS 11.0.2:

At first, you might thing this update will fix all the minor bugs. Ehh maybe you're right at first. But after some time, you'll notice this really annoying issue with screen rotating.

Only the "PLUS" users are infecting. Well, it's not that huge to worry. But as a 7Plus user I had this really "Stuck on Rotated Screen" issue once in a while. It's so annoying that I had to lock and unlock my device to revert my phone to original state. 

Aside from that iOS 11.0.2 is good as it can be. All the other issue like notification clearing is fixed, app crashes done. And lot more. 

(More Updates Coming Soon)

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