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iOS 11 - iOS 11.0.3 Causing Issues?

iOS 11

iOS 11 is without a doubt one of the best iOS releases yet. But, as always it comes at a cost. We all rushed on 19th sep, excited fans I know. I'm also one of those. To be totally frank, it's not that bad. All though after using iOS 10, we're seeking more refinement regarding the simple tasks. But that's where iOS 11 is trying it's hard. At the first, it was smooth as butter but after full day with it. I realized the first issue.


Ask any iOS 11 user and I'm 100% sure that person will tell you about the Battery for starters. Yeah, battery timing is not what we expected. As of it's initial release, we know it'll get better by the time. But, it's really not good when compared to iOS 10.3.3. Here is how it goes, 100% Battery, after using FACEBOOK for 20-25 mins the battery was 89%. Yup, it's that bad. The most irritating thing about this new update is that the LOW-POWER Mode actually drains more then the actual Power-Mode. I hope apple Will fix this.

Lock Screen

Once you've covered your heart from the first problem there comes the second. That's the Lock Screen. We all know apple really came with this stupid yet awesome idea of mixing the notification panel with lock screen. Well, at first it's meh.. but after giving it some time it's pretty awesome. But, we all know there's always a "but" in the apple's release. "But" it's buggy as my grandma's 19's iPod. Yeah, sometimes you can't even remove the notifications off the lock screen. Sometimes you can't even see the old notifications.


We've all heard this tale before, Apps aren't working fine with this new update. "Duh! It's a new release, give it some time to developers" only a apple developer would say something like that. Umm... Apps aren't fine seriously. Sometimes I see this blured look on some apps. Specially "Messenger" app, It won't allow me to open it for some reason. Then I've to lock and unlock it again to open the messenger. Updates are rolling for these app issues so I guess it'll be fine.


One Line "It's way too good to be true". There I said it. Even with all the issues, I love it. Camera has gotten AWESOME, new animations are COOl, it's smooth. 

Now here comes the question that you might ask yourself! Should I update to iOS 11? The one word answer would be YES! No matter what people might say. I'd say it's way too good to miss.


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