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GTA V Vigilante AKA Batmobile

GTA V Vigilante: 

Kids from 19's will surly remember this bat's beauty. Well, if not stay tuned. 

Well batman is the kind of character which either you Love or Don't. But for those die hard Batman Fans out there this is huge! and it's double Huge if you play GTA V online! 

We're all familiar with the Rockstar's releasing Schedule for new Modes and Cars but this time it's unexpected. Rockstar has released this beast for GTA V only. Engine and Horsepower are still unkown but it's likely to hit 2000 considering the size of this Vigilante. 

Well but if you're new to GTA V online this could be hard because considering the Price point. Let me just say it.

"It's wayy toooo expensive" for a newbie at least. 

Taking 3.75 Million in the account it's indeed expensive. But, yeah there's always a but. But there're tons of people who're actually buying it. Now the first question you and I had in the mind is how are they doing it? Well, mostly CEOs are buying this vintage so let's not sweat it. By CEOs I meant players who own business. 

Since the price is 3.75 Millions that means it's a thief magnet. No literally thief magnet. Unless you're a CEOs with some bodyguard behind your classic batty (batmobile) you won't make it 5 minutes in a full lobby! That's what the actual players are saying at least. 

It's so rare that even knowing you can't own it after stealing players are still trying to steal it just to get the feel of how it flys. Well not that fly.. fly.. I meant fly as in on the road. Yup! this thing flying this twin turbo exhausts and not to mention the Jet Engine in front. Once you get the feel and sound trust me you won't resist it. Even for a little while (after stealing of course) It's worth it. 

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