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Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality


In our world, the most common thing you see is Technology. Technology has reached so far that we’re provided with tech like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). As it wasn’t enough to have a smart phone that can accurately calculate your heart rate and count your steps.


The word “REALITY” suggest that it can actually replicate our reality into something you wish to see in your dreams.

Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality is generated completely by computer. To put it simple, Virtual Reality as the name suggests it’s created completely in virtual space. A space that’s different from the real world hence the name virtual reality.

Augmented Reality

Whereas the Augmented Reality is different. The augmented reality focuses on the Real World. As it’ll manipulate the reality itself to shape it something you want to see.


For example, you’ve empty house. And you want to decorate it. In Virtual Reality, you need to create everything from scratch. The house, elements and colors. But in Augmented Reality, you can literally put objects around your actual house. No need to make everything from scratch.


Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality is more precise when compared to Virtual Reality. As Augmented Reality utilize the actual space the Real World. While the Virtual Reality creates something similar to Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality utilize the real space and add objects of your choice into real world environment. Like adding Furniture, Colors, and more to your empty house with ease.

Virtual Reality

Whereas the Virtual Reality creates a similar space to your house and then you can add objects to that space to make it more to your preference.

Virtual Reality is towards media. The only way you can visualize the virtual reality is via Helmet or Glasses. The Glasses connects to the VR environment which covers your eyes and some hand controller is used to navigate around the space.

How it Works?

Augmented Reality is more towards the actual world. But as VR it also need Glasses or Helmet. But in this case you can see the real world, that’s where the magic happens. In Augmented Reality you’re able to see the real world environment and in the real space you can add floating objects and more to make it more precise

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