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iPhone 8 Plus: Split Gate, Is it real?

iPhone 8 Plus: Split Gate

Owners of iPhone 8 Plus from Asian Side has reported that the newly released Apple's iPhone 8 Plus is having issues like "Splitting into Two Parts" while charging. Al though for now it's all just a rumor but it could be fatal if reported again. 

Other problems were spoken too after the release of iPhone 8 Plus. But weren't taken seriously, as many of us know about the "Bend Gate". It could be because people might want to start a new "gate" from the newly released iPhone. 

Report, what could be possible : While charging, it might just look normal. But when tried to disconnect the charger, it requires force. When unplugged forcefully, the display came off of the body. Due to added force while unplugging. 

Conclusion: It's just some rumor, we all know how people react to stuff that is expensive. 

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