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[FIX] Call Of Duty WW2 Won't Launch

Call Of Duty WW2 BETA:

Huge population of gamers around the globe is facing way too many issues with the new COD WW2's BETA:

According to the users, some are having issues like memory leak. Users of GTX 1060 and higher reported that the game is taking all the GPU V-RAM.

"My GTX 1060 is 8GB, while playing COD WW2 on ULTRA Settings game seems to pushing my GPU to limit as the usage is 100%" - BETA Tester

Some users are having issues like Black Screen and Loading Screen Stucks. According to Activision no Official Statement has been made as it's only the initial version, and not to mention it's beta. Every gamer around the Globe is rushing into downloading the Free BETA of the most awaited COD game after IW. 


Users also reported that the Game won't Launch as it shows the "RUN IN SAFE MODE" error even at the first boot of the BETA Version. The Quick and simple way to check weather it's happening due to your windows is to run the game manually in compatibility mode from the downloaded folder of the game. Also to prevent any other DLL issues, run the game in SAFE-MODE.

NOTE: Must run the game with ADMINISTRATOR Permissions. Just RIGHT-CLICK on the game icon and run it as Admin. 

Update on the Situation: Restarting your PC and closing any FPS Monitoring Application running in the background. Like i.e. MSI AFTERBURNER or FRAPS. Seems to have worked for many users. 

2nd Update on the Situation: Users having issues like "Game Won't Launch" after SAFE-MODE error seem to have fixed by installing other version of your windows. Some had Win 8.1, they installed Win8, and it worked. 

More Updates Coming Soon. 

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