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Call Of Duty WW2 Issues on Low-End GPUs

Low-End GPUs

Users have reported that new Call Of Duty WW2's Beta wasn't a huge success among those with low-end GPUs. Users claimed that game shows issues like "Black Screen", "Stuck On Loading" and some even said the game won't launch. The Users were among the circle of Nvidia's low-end "GT" GPU series. Even the newly low budget GT1030 wasn't able to properly launch the game as it was either black screen or game won't launch. 

Nvidia User

Users with budget GPUs like "GT" series are advised to update there drivers to newest and also launch the game in safe-mode as it'll render all the dlls of the game properly. If that doesn't work, try re-verifying the game from respected client. 

AMD Users

AMD users, aren't facing any issues yet. Even the older legendary HD-7000 series is pulling it off. Users with HD7750 are reporting that game is working fairy good with 1080p and normal settings. Where as some users with HD7870 & HD7970 have reported that the new Call Of Duty WW2 is working pretty good. Considering 40-45 FPS on Ultra settings on 1080p. 

More Updates coming soon. 

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