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[FIX]Origin MSVCP120.dll & 0xc00007b - Even After AiO & vc_redist (All Windows) 2017

Problem Statement:

After installing fresh windows 7. I had to install my all origin games again. But when I downloaded the Updated Origin from EA's official website, installation was a breeze. But when I try to open it once it was installed it gave me 0xc00007b which is kinda weird when you think about it. so...

What's the problem?

Problem is that you've installed windows that is 64-bit. But the origin is trying to access the 32-bit because it is 32-bit. That's why there's a conflict in DLL files. 


Frankly? It's pretty simple when you think about it.
Just goto
C Driver>Windows>SysWOW64 

That's the folder where all the needed DLLs are. Just search for "MSVCP120.dll" when you get the results. Delete all the DLLs that comes when searched msvsp120.dll. Once deleted.

Just goto : 

And download the 64-bit "MSVCP120.dll" once downloaded just goto:

C Driver>Windows>SysWOW64 

And paste the downloaded DLL. And that's it.

Watch the video tutorial for more info:

Video Tutorial:

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