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How To Unlock Every Car In Need For Speed MW 2013 (Online)

Unlock everything in Need For Speed MW:

We all know how enjoyable it is to play with all the unlocked cars without making effort? Well, that's what we'll do. Not just for Offline Playing, but Online aswell so you can show-off your new collection of your cars to your buddies. 


And download the SAVE FILES. Before doing anything, first if you're playing for the first time. Play it for few minutes so the game could make Folder for Save Games. But you've been playing then you're good to go.

Once the file is downloaded.
Goto: Username>My Document>Criterion Games>NFS MW>Save>1000012 (Any folder with numbers)

From there, delete the existing save files and paste the one you downloaded. That's it. 

Video Tutorial:

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