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Glenn is not dead! Here is why!!

Is Glenn Really Dead on The Walking Dead? The episode shows that Zombies or Walker eat Glenn. Since he was crying too. But It could be other guy too. I mean like, guy shoot himself right? and lets say he fall on Glenn so Walkers eat the other guy instead of Glenn? (Lemme know in Comments)

Glenn's saying about his death:
I don’t particularly want to subscribe to the idea that this show can kill off anybody it wants. Yes, it can. Yes, that’s a thing. That’s definitely a thing. But I think that’s not the point of the show. Game of Thrones kills people left and right and yet that’s not the point of the show. Sometimes you look at the viewers and you feel kind of bad because they’re watching the show like an episode of Survivor. They’ve picked two people or one person and if that person continues to live, they’re happy. If that person wasn’t in an episode, they’re unhappy. But when you watch the show like that you’re missing out on such beautiful storytelling.
We talk in terms of “are you afraid to get killed off?” And for me, if it serves the story, I’m game for anything. I hope people can watch the show in that same regard. Stop watching it to see if your favorite character is still alive. That’s kind of been on my mind lately because you notice a lot of fans saying “we want you to live, or we want this person to die” and it’s like, that’s not what the show’s about."

Evidence that Glenn isn't DEAD!
If you watch "The Walking Dead" Regularly then you'd also know the IMDb rating of the show right? You'd also know the cast of the show? If you observe it clearly you'd see that Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee) has (83 Episodes, 2010-2016) just as like Star of the Show has (Rick). It is written that Rick also has 83 episode just like Glenn which means, he isn't dead. If he'd be dead then It won't be write about the future of the show! (Let me know what you think, in comments section below)

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