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[FIX] Get Windows 10 app (Not Responding)

Stuck at "Please Wait" screen in Windows 10 app? Not a big deal as long as you've the genuine copy of Windows.

Okay recently I got the Icon of Get Windows 10 so I reserved the windows so I could download it at the release time. My Friends got the update downloaded already but mine was just saying "You'll get the Windows 10 Update Notification After Reserving" No download button in app. So I tried few things like I created another Admin Account but no luck.

  1. Stuck at Please Wait screen?
  2. No Download Button for windows 10?
  3. Can't get update manually?
So here is the Simple FIX:

Installing Windows 10 using the media creation tool

NOTE before doing that: If you're using Pirated Windows, please don't follow the Steps.

1:Goto http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
Download the App:

There are two versions of the tool, one for a “32-bit operating system” and one for a “64-bit operating system.” To find out which you have, go to Start, type Control panel, selectSystem and security, and then, under System, look at the value for System type:.
If your PC is a 32-bit operating system, on the Software download page, select Download tool now (32-bit version). If your PC is a 64-bit operating system, select Download tool now (64-bit version).
When you're asked, select Run (or choose to Save the tool if you don't want to run it now).
Run the tool, if you didn't already select Run above. (You need to be an Administrator on the PC to run it.) 
If you're upgrading this PC, select Upgrade this PC now, and then follow the rest of the instructions to finish the upgrade.
If you want to create media for a different PC, select Create installation media for another PC. Use this table to choose the edition of Windows 10 that you want to create media for.
It should look like this;NOTE: It might take some time (Depending on your internet Connection) File is about 3GB so be patient.


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